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About Us


The Yard - No Mercy Fitness

You may read 'No Mercy' and may be taken back but our name is not intended to scare you, rather EMPOWER you. We show no mercy for excuses - we are about pushing you to your limits, all the while supporting you and reminding you that you are stronger and more than capable of the task in front of you. The phrases you will commonly hear at our gym are:

  • "Mind over Matter'

  • 'Push through the Burn'

  • 'You're Stronger Than You Think'

  • 'If it's Burning, it's Working'

  • 'You got this'

  • 'Trust me, you can do it'

Our philosophy is for each person to give their personal best every time they step into our gym. That may vary from day to day - but it will always be their best. Our trainers come from various backgrounds and will push you accordingly to ensure you effectively and efficiently workout. We mean business all the while reminding you "You CAN do this."

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Best NMF Trainers

Our Professional Trainers


Melissa Campos

Master Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, and Owner
Age: 32
Experience: 11 Years
Speciality: Weight loss, Strength Training and Conditioning, Body Sculpting

Melissa Campos has a firm understanding of the anatomy, the physiology of the body, and what it needs to achieve her clients' goals. Her focus is to provide the highest quality of design for her individual and group training services. Her background in kinesiology and athletics, allows her to incorporate techniques such as circuit training, speed, plyometrics, hypertrophy, along with the proper nutrition needed to achieve not just simply a goal but an overall healthy lifestyle. Her training style is centered around building her client’s confidence of how capable and truly strong they are.


Kelli Yettaw

Age: 30
Experience: 1 Year
Speciality: Calisthenics, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength Training

Kelli's passion to help people change their lives physically, mentally and emotionally came from her own journey of being a client of No Mercy Fitness. Her workouts combine her knowledge of Calisthenics, HIIT and Strength Training. She enjoys helping her clients discover the benefits of training, because through her own journey it has transformed the person she is today. From start to finish she will motivate you to become a better you and live a healthy lifestyle.


Joe Ramirez

Age: 33
Experience: 5 Years
Speciality: Strength Training, Boxing, Speed Training

Joe's years experience informs his training style needed for achieving long and short term fitness goals. He loves accessing where his clients are starting and working with them to advance their overall strength and confidence in training. His background in sports informs how he incorporates speed training into his strength training circuits. His knowledge in boxing and sports sets him apart from traditional fitness trainers.

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$75 more ($200): includes (4) Friday night boxing class at 6:45 p.m.

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What Our Clients Says

Leyla J.

Current Member

Amazing workout! No mercy fitness is the best! they make you feel so good after each class. I highly recommend them!!!

Natasha Thomas

Current Member

I have been a member with this group when it started in someone's backyard. The hard work and dedication Melissa has done for herself, her team and her followers have been amazing to watch and be apart of. There are different classes usually daily, the have different camps as well they offer many different types of classes and the such. For the beginning class and the advanced class. Go for it!! You will thank yourself in 6mos time.

Lisette Morales

Current Member

Awesome gym! hard workouts but fun! Boxing/glute classes really helped with building the glute and still getting a good cal burn. Melissa and Tanya are awesome trainers and super helpful! you will feel right at home with their training!

Hailey thompson

Current Member

I’ve been going to the yard for a little over a year now and I’ve seen amazing changes in myself physically and mentally, Tanya and Melissa really push you to be your best and are a great support system! They’ve taught me so much and helped me in the begging as I didn’t have much experience working out ! It’s a great place to start your fitness journey !!!

Scott Swanson

Current Member

I lost 30 pounds like nothing! No mercy fitness made it really easy for me!!! Thanks for everything!