Should You Do IIFYM? The Truth

If you’ve been living anywhere but under a rock lately, you know about the IIFYM trend. It stands for “If It Fits Your Macros.” In other words, if you like it and it doesn’t go out of your macro range, EAT THAT SH**!

Pretty much everything that you are used to not having, you can have with this diet, assuming it falls in your macro range. It’s without a doubt one of the most flexible dieting plans out there. How beneficial is it really though? I mean, besides to your cravings.

Glad you asked!

Does IIFYM Work?

With all of this hype around this flexible dieting method, you would think it was god like and extremely effective.  At the same time though, there are those that say they tried it, and it didn’t work too well.

Technically speaking, a calorie is a calorie. Even if you are eating Cheetos and Coke all day, as long as you ate less calories than your body used, you will still lose weight.

However, there is far more to the story when trying to work on muscle (which, who isn’t trying to build muscle?) as well as the weight loss. Protein starts coming into play, along with carbohydrates, fats, sugar, and every other macro that people like to count (and maybe not count).


So, in other words, IIFYM can be a good thing, OR it can be a bad thing.

The difference is in what those macros are, and what it is you are eating to get them in. A calorie is a calorie, yes. Let’s be real though, broccoli is going to bring you more benefit than those Cheetos.

So, don’t use IIFYM as just an excuse to eat junk and fast food all day. That’s what makes it a failure. That’s the determining factor in whether or not you will succeed with the IIFYM diet. Know that it is flexible, but it is not a reason to eat crap food.

On top of that, IIFYM may not be the best option for you if you are naturally more of an endomorph. If this is you, stick to being as clean as you can and not giving your body a reason to gain more weight.

In conclusion, IIFYM can either be good for you, or it can be bad for you. As with most other things in fitness, it depends on your goals, how well you respect the diet, and what type of genetics are going to play a role in what is happening when you switch your nutrition.

The ultimate way to know if IIFYM works for you is to try it! The beautiful thing about fitness is that it can have different effects on all of us. That’s what makes it an art form and such a complex system of movements and nutrition.

So go and try it!!

The 1 “Secret” That Every Athlete Masters


“How can a man hit a target that he cannot see? Good question, but here’s another one: How can a man hit a target that he does not have?” – Art Williams

Goals; They are the difference between strategically planned success, and mindlessly wandering around with an idea in your head of what you want.

Think about the last time you said you really wanted something. You might even still wake up and think about that thing that you really want. Got that thing? Good. Now, think about something that maybe you didn’t want so bad, but it still had a deadline that it needed to be done by…

We can all relate to this through the torture that we all were forced to go through – SCHOOL! goal-setting-image-1

So now, think about this: why did that assignment that you didn’t even really want to do, whether it be a project or whatever,  get turned in on time? Why did you rush to do it? Even if you waited until the last minute, you probably got it in. Why did you do that?

Ill tell you why – because it had a deadline! Even though it was set by someone else for you, it was a type of goal. There was a set date, a set time, and a very specific task that needs to be done. If that can be done on a goal that you didn’t even really feel passionate about, that you really didn’t even want to do, imagine the power of those same goals with something that you love doing and are passionate about.

Examples like this are everywhere. Whenever your car messed up last time and you needed it for work, class, or the gym, what did you do??  You had it fixed by the time you needed it. Did you necessarily want to spend the money or the time in order to get it done? Hell no, but you needed it done!  Because of that and because of the fact that you needed it done by a certain time, you found a way.

This can be applied to everything in life – especially in fitness. The only difference is you have to be able to set that goal yourself, instead of having it set for you.

The self discipline – that’s what needs to change. That’s what needs developing. The discipline to just set your own goal, your own deadline – and hit it every time.

I’m about a month into setting small goals for myself, and have been more productive in the last month, than I have been in all of the months of this year, combined.

Do yourself a favor, and learn to set these goals. If not, what are you really? You’re nothing more than a driver, driving a car that’s far more capable than you think, but with no destination, therefore no direction. Would you even get in your car if you had nowhere to go, or somewhere to go but with no clue how to get there? No, you wouldn’t.

So stop wanting something but not laying out directions for yourself. Set goals, crush them, rinse and repeat.

It’s that easy. Go Fucking Do It!